Client Testimonials

Our clients say working with us is a huge relief because they finally found a successful way to incorporate healthy behaviors that reduce their risk for developing weight-related health conditions.

"If you feel like you keep trying the same thing over and over and always get stuck at the same place, I strongly recommend you try LifeWeighs Wellness Coaching. I was always trying to shortcut my way to what I wanted and I didn't realize why that wasn't working until my LifeWeighs coach helped me break it down into what works and what doesn't work for me. She helped me understand that my perception of what was important to me wasn't matching my behavior. We worked together to set goals and she guided me through the steps I needed to take to change my life forever!"
 -  Portland, OR
"What an incredible difference LifeWeighs has made in my life! I always used to say: "I know WHAT to do, I just don't DO it!" I just completed the Restoration phase and now I know why I used to struggle and fail. My LifeWeighs coach helped me identify the things that challenge me and taught me that I have the skills to overcome those challenges. I have gained the confidence I was missing and I know I will continue to be successful. It is a wonderful feeling!"
 -  Beaverton, OR
"Before I began working with LifeWeighs, I lacked focus. I always knew what I should do to make lifestyle improvements but somehow it just never became a priority. With my coach's help I have been exploring the underlying reasons for my lack of commitment and for the first time in my life I'm beginning to appreciate myself for who I am and learning to work with my character traits instead of against them. I can't recommend LifeWeighs Wellness Coaching highly enough!"
 -  Beaverton, OR
"When it came to weight-loss, I always knew what to do; I just didn't know how to do it. I had the best intentions, but I would get derailed too easily and find my goals further out of reach. I struggled with focusing on all that I DIDN'T HAVE and what I COULDN'T DO instead of realizing that I have natural strengths and areas of knowledge. My weight-loss has increased and my confidence has skyrocketed with the positive influence of my LifeWeighs coach. All of the tools that I gained built upon each other in a way that was easy for me to follow and continue for life!"
 -  Hillsboro, OR
"I first visited LifeWeighs at the urging of a friend. I was always so busy I didn't seem to have time for myself, but I agreed to try it. I am so glad I did, because now I know how to make time for the important things in my life. My LifeWeighs coach helped me to realize that my exhaustion was a result of not investing enough energy in myself. If I don't make time to replenish myself, I have nothing to give to others. It's absolutely amazing how taking better care of myself gives me the energy I need to take better care of others!"
 -  Portland, OR