The LifeWeighs Story

Our Journey



We've been there too! If you're like us, this advice is frustratingly familiar. You've tried to gain control by going on diets and you've internalized your failures as personal weakness. Ultimately, you've ended up weighing more than you want, you've developed weight-related health concerns or you fear they may develop in the near future. You are unhappy, and you're convinced that nothing will work for you.

We know that permanent lifestyle change is far more complex than the simplistic, "eat right and exercise," advice we are too often given. We reject popular rhetoric that blames overweight and obesity on personal weakness or lack of willpower. We have devoted our academic and professional careers to studying how to maintain healthy eating habits and stable body weight.

Our personal weight management journeys led each of us to a specialty in mindful, intuitive and intentional eating. We believe every individual has the ability to manage their weight for a lifetime and the capacity to learn, and if needed, re-learn how to nourish their body in healthful ways and lead a balanced life.

We've used our personal weight management successes and our training and experience as professional health educators to develop a unique lifestyle behavior change system with:

  • a personalized approach to guidance and support;
  • an exclusive lifestyle education curriculum based on successful behavior modification techniques;
  • NO packaged meals ** NO supplements;
  • AND the one tool that really works: PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY!